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Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting

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Event: Call Notice
Extraordinary General Meeting

We hereby invite shareholders of LUPATECH S.A. (“Company”) to meet on January 12, 2011, at 1:30 pm, at the Company’s headquarters, in the city of Caxias do Sul, state of Rio Grande do Sul, at Rua Dalton Lahm dos Reis, 201, to resolve on:

(a) the proposal to review the caption of article 52, as well as paragraphs 9°, 11° and 12° of the same disposing of the Company’s Bylaws, in order to modify item XIV - PROTECTION AGAINST SHAREHOLDER BASE DILUTION, modifying the percentage that defines the necessity of carrying out or requesting the registration of a public tender offer (“OPA”) when reaching relevant shareholding position from the present 20% (twenty percent) of total shares under circulation issued by the Company, to 30% (thirty percent) of total shares under circulation issued by the Company (“Poison Pill” applicability), to restate the Company’s Bylaws to the BM&FBOVESPA recommendations for the companies listed in the Novo Mercado; and,

(b) the restatement of the Company’s Bylaws in order to reflect the amendment described in item (a) above.

Caxias do Sul (RS), December 28, 2010.

Nestor Perini
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Local: Caxias do Sul (RS)



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