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Caxias do Sul, RS, Brazil, June 16th, 2006 --
-  Lupatech  S.A.  (BOVESPA:  LUPA3)   hereby
informs the market that Capital Research  and
Management  Company   ("CRMC"),   acting   on
behalf of its clients,  has  acquired  shares
in Lupatech  S.A.  via  transactions  on  the
stock  exchange.  It   now   holds,   as   an
investment  advisor,  a  total  of  2,381,100
common  shares,  equivalent  to   5.218%   of
Lupatech's total capital.

This is a minority investment which does  not
alter    the     Company's     control     or
administrative structure and  CRMC  currently
has no target for the quantity of  nominative
common shares it plans  to  acquire.  Neither
CRMC or any related entity holds  convertible
debentures, directly or  indirectly,  nor  is
there any agreement  or  contract  regulating
the right to vote or the  purchase  and  sale
of marketable securities issued  by  Lupatech
S.A. to which CRMC, or  any  related  entity,
is party.

About   Capital   Research   and   Management
Company (CRMC):

CRMC is part  of  The  Capital  Group  (which
manages more than US$  1  trillion),  one  of
the world's most experienced  and  successful
investment  management  organizations,  which
manages   investments   for    millions    of
individuals  and  thousands  of  corporations
and institutions.

CRMC  manages  American  Funds,  which  ranks
among the three largest mutual fund  families
in the U.S. with assets under  management  of
more than of US$750 billion.

The Capital Group's second largest  component
is Capital Guardian  Trust  Company  and  the
Capital International companies  -  providers
of global investment management services  for

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