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Energy Products

Lupatech ROPES – Brazil, São Leopoldo (RS)

Lupatech Ropes produces new generation of synthetic fiber ropes used for anchoring platforms in deep-sea and ultra deep-sea waters; using proprietary technology developed in Brazil.

Lupatech MNA – Brazil, Nova Odessa (SP)

Lupatech MNA is a Brazilian leader in research, development, production and sale of automated and manual valves, especially ball valves, as well as parts for the automation of companies engaged in the oil and gas industry, mainly Petrobras and its EPCs and gas distributers partners.

Lupatech Tecval – Brazil, Iperó (SP)

Lupatech Tecval is specialized in manufacturing automated and manual industrial valves type gate, globe and check (GGC) and forged ball valves for several sectors, especially the oil and gas sector, for Petrobras and its EPCs and gas distributers partners.

Lupatech Oil Tools – Brazil, Caxias do Sul (RS) and Simões Filho (BA)

Lupatech Petroima has two business lines: oil and gas, which is focused on the manufacture of completion tools for the oil and gas sector, representing a portfolio of approximately 250 products; and precision machinery, mainly focused on the automotive industry and agricultural equipment.

Lupatech Valmicro – Brazil, Veranópolis (RS)

Since 1996 Lupatech Valmicro has been the Brazilian leader in the manufacture and sale of industrial high- and low-pressure valves. “Lupatech Valmicro” brand is recognized as a synonym for quality and a highly value adding name in the domestic market. For 13 consecutive years, has been ranked Top One as the most remembered brand in ball valves by the Top Five research conducted by NEI, a specialized publication in the industrial sector. In Brazil the Valmicro products are sold directly to the end clients, mainly for chemistry, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, food, machinery and equipment, paper and pulp, petrochemistry indutries.

Lupatech Mipel - Brazil, Veranópolis (RS) e Jacareí (SP)

Lupatech Mipel is leader in the Brazilian valve market and industrial bronze valves. Also produces manually-driven spherical valves targeted at the industrial market, in stainless or carbon steel. The products of Lupatech Mipel are used in different industrial segments as chemical, petrochemical, navy, food, pharmaceutical, machines, civil construction, basic sanitation, irrigation and the agro-industry.


Manufacturer of Vehicular Natural Gas (VNG) and Reciprocal compressors. It is a leader in this market, with industrial plants in Argentine and Brazil.

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