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Company Corporate Structure

Corporate Structure

The organizational chart below sets Lupatech’s current corporate structure. The percentages indicated represent the ownership interest in the voting shares and total capital of the referenced companies.

The main businesses of the Company’s subsidiaries are as follows:

Products Segment

- Lupatech MNA: Brazilian leader in the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of manual and automated ball valves and automation systems for companies operating in the oil and gas sector, in particular Petrobras and its contractors under EPC Agreements, as well as gas distributors.

- Lupatech Tecval: specialized in manufacturing of gate, globe and check-type (GGC) industrial valves, as well as forged ball valves, for the oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, pulp and paper, mining, nuclear, and other sectors. Lupatech Tecval is an authorized supplier of Petrobras since 1978.

- Worcester (ValBol): leader in the Argentinean market of ball valves for industrial markets with business of high technology components.

- Lupatech Esferomatic: leader in the Argentinean market of ball valves for the oil and gas sector, with high technology components, marking the return of the Company to Argentina.

- Lupatech Valmicro: a leader in Brazil since 1996 in the manufacture and marketing of standard low and medium-pressure industrial valves. The brand “Lupatech Valmicro” is highly regarded for its high quality and added value. For the 13th consecutive year, Lupatech Valmicro is ranked first in the sphere valve category in the “Top Five” survey by the magazine Noticiário de Equipamentos Industriais, or NEI, measuring brand recognition by consumers.

- Lupatech Mipel: is in the Brazilian market for more than 60 years, manufacturing valves for different industry segments, including the chemical, petrochemical, maritime, food, pharmaceutical, civil construction, basic sanitation, irrigation, and agro-industrial segments. Its products are commercialized through a wide range of distributors in Brazil.

- Jefferson: based in Argentina with offices in Brazil, Mexico and US, manufactures level controls, automation equipments and solenoid valves used to fluids control (water, air, steam, oil, oxygen, liquid nitrogen and others) for several industries as oil and gas, labs, food, etc.

- ITASA: has today a production capacity higher than 1.0 thousand tons per year in steel casting (finished products) e incorporates the most modern technologies in steel casting with high resistance to corrosion.

- Lupatech CSL: produces synthetic fiber ropes used for anchoring oil and gas platforms in deep-sea and ultra deep-sea waters, using proprietary technology developed in Brazil.

- Aspro: located in Escobar, Argentina, is a world leader in the market for equipment and systems to compress Vehicular Natural Gas (VNG), with exports to almost 30 countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

- Sinergás: service provider of natural gas compression (equipment rental) and maintenance of compressors for vehicular use in Brazil.

Services segment

- Lupatech Oil & Gas Services: operates in the inspection, manufacture, maintenance and machining of equipment and accessories for the oil and gas sector mainly in drilling columns, umbilical reels, completion and production, and the design, construction and assembly of natural gas compression stations.

- Lupatech Oilfield Services: business unit created by Lupatech group to offer services of oil & gas well intervention, which are services that help to improve the productivity of wells.

- Lupatech Tubular Services: specialized in tubular services including machinery, maintenance and inspection of tubes and coating through the use of anticorrosion materials in tubes and equipments for oil & gas applications.

- Lupatech Fiberware: specialized in internal and external tube coating using composite materials (high-density polyethylene (HDP) and fiberglass, which also provides services related to onshore, offshore, floating unit and downhole tube installations.

- Lupatech Oil Tools: manufactures tools for the oil and gas sector and provides precision machining services mainly to the automotive and agriculture equipment sectors.

- Norpatagonica: located in the Neuquen - Argentina, operates as a service company in the oil and gas market for more than 20 years. It has its own operational base and helps oil and gas companies to maintain production levels by providing well intervention services. It also undertakes hydraulic tests, cleans wells using its own equipment and supplies injection, repositioning and high and low pressure pumping equipment.


Last Update: February 15, 2013


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