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Company Sustainability


Social Responsibility

Lupatech has a volunteer group responsable for the promotion of several campaigns, such as blood donation, chocolate donation for Easter and clothes and the donation of clothes and books all year long. This program aims to involve employees in social action and to encourage them to contribute to a better society.

The Company also supports culture and the community ties through the sponsorship of the making of Brazilian movies such as “Nossa Senhora do Caravaggio” and “O Quatrilho,” as well as through the preservation of the São Pelegrino Church in Caxias do Sul.

Lupatech develops corporative programs, aiming at the valuation and the welfare of its employees. These programs include:

  • Program of Participation in the Lupatech Results: The PPRL is a program that has as objective to provide to the employees of Lupatech a premium for the results they reached, proceeding from the profitability and the internal improvements.
  • Program of Medical Control and Occupational Health: Programs to the health and security of the employees who the Lupatech fulfills regularly, supported and guided by the Working Law.
  • Program Pró-Educar: Through an agreement with a group of local schools, the Pró-Educar Program subsidizes 100% of elementary education costs and 70% of secondary education costs for Lupatech employees. It also subsidizes 50% of the cost of post-graduation courses in each employee’s operational area.

Environmental Issues

Fully committed to environmental preservation, Lupatech adopts a policy based on two central pillars: the minimizing and recycling of waste. Whenever possible, waste materials are used as inputs for other productive processes in Company itself or third and the remainder receives appropriate treatment in line with the prevailing environmental legislation.

The industrial units of Lupatech are subject to several laws, decrees, ordinances, resolutions, permits, regulations and environmental standards, the municipal, state and federal.  

In compliance with Brazilian legislation the company attends administrative procedures for the granting of environmental licenses (Installation and Operation Previa License). The legislation requires that the construction, installation and operation using natural resources, considered potential polluters, as well as projects that can cause any environmental impacts, has  previously license of the Sistema Nacional do Meio Ambiente – SISNAMA (National System of Environment).

All the industrial plants of the Company have environmental licenses and are in compliance with the conditions and restrictions of the documents. The new site of Lupatech MNA in Nova Odessa – SP is an example of the seriousness of the Company about licenses issue. Parallel to the process of Preceding License and Installation License, it was concluded the Preliminary Evaluation and Corroborating Investigation to verify the existence of environmental liabilities related to the previous occupation of the land. Nowadays, the Company the plant has already Operating License.

Lupatech’ environmental management seeks to optimize the production processes for better usage of raw materials and minimize the waste generation, besides incentivizing the recycling and re-usage when possible. Also makes part of its culture to promote the collective conscience for the rational usage of natural resources and the waste prevention, the accordance with the legislation in place and the promotion of the continuous improvement of processes seeking the environmental sustainability.

Since 2009 the Company has a representative group of all units to work the sustainability theme. These works has the objective of creating a Corporative Policy of Sustainability having as base the respect for the environment, the protection to the health and security of employees and social responsibility, seeking in the future the certification of all plants for the rules ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and SA 8000.

Three units already have the certification ISO 14001, Lupatech Valmicro since 2001, Lupatech CSL since December 2008 and Lupatech Equipamentos e Serviços para Petróleo (Equipments and Services for Oil and Gas) that has ISO 140001 and also OHSAS 18001 since 2009. Several other units are working hard in the environmental certification and other standards.

In Caxias do Sul – Brazil units and more recently in Veranopolis – Brazil, the Company has landfills licensed by FEPAM - Fundação Estadual de Proteção Ambiental Henrique Luis Roessler – RS, for the disposal of the waste generated in the investment casting process, the ceramic shell classified by NBR 10004 as a non dangerous waste.

Both landfills are monitored every six months to check soil and underground water through the monitoring wells. The Caxias do Sul landfill is in operation since 2001, and is already in its second cell,  and it is estimated more two years of useful life. The Veranopolis one has obtained in 2009 the Operation License and should allow the shell disposal for fifteen years, and may also receive the residual of the unit of Caxias do Sul landfill when there is the capacity exhausted. After the exhaustion of the landfills the lands can be used to increase the industrial building due to the characteristics of the waste disposed there. In accordance with the environmental management of the Company is underway within the CPDL (Centre of Research and Development Lupatech) a research project that aims to reuse the ceramic shell crushed by the very processes of casting in place of part of the raw material used in process of obtaining the ceramic shell.

In several units the Company has spaces in accordance with the environmental legislation to temporarily disposal of waste, called Waste Central. These spaces besides being totally closed, have impermeable soil and systems to block liquids, to avoid possible leeks to reach the external part of the soil.

The Company has the same concern related to liquid waste. It is working in Caxias do Sul since 2003, the SITEL – Lupatech Integrated System of Liquid Waste Treatment, responsible for the treatment of 100% of liquid effluents from industrial and sanitary origin. With the same concern, the other units or have effluents treatment units or work with third-party companies treating their effluents. The commitment with the right disposal of effluents in hydraulic system is verified through periodical chemical and toxin analysis in the ETE (Effluents Treatment Station) of the Company or audits in outsourcing.

Regarding the water reuse, the unit in Nova Odessa has a System of Fluids Circulation that works for three lines of valves, minimizing water consumption, and the same will happen in Lupatech Tecval where it is being developed a central of distribution of fluids that will work with the reuse of rain water. The plant of Lupatech Monitoring Systems in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil also uses the rain water for several activities. The Veranopolis unit also reuses water from the treatment in the casting process. Lupatech Mipel in Jacarei – Brazil has acquired in 2008 a refrigeration system that allows the economy of 700,000 liters of water per month. The Caxias do Sul site will implement in 2011 a system of final effluent treatment that will allow the reuse of 40,000 liters of water per day in the refrigeration system of Microinox and Steelinject units.

It is promoted periodically educative campaigns to orientate employees and the community. In Caxias do Sul, the company has been implementing an environmental project for the past six years entitled “I am conscientious, I take care of the Environment”, awarded in 2004 by the magazine Expressão Ecológica as best project in the area. The project is geared towards students in the public school system and has received more than 2,000 students and represent an opportunity for children to know a company concerned to combine productivity with environment caring. The Company offers to this scholls free transpostation to participate in this project, and at the end of the visit a lunch and promotional material symbol of the campaign that consists of packaging, pack, folder and pencil all made of recycled material. The project has been extended to other company units having the same format.

Last Update: February 14, 2011
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